SBM Intelligence exists to provide analysis of the Nigerian socio-political and economic situation through such means as may prove to be expedient for the purpose. We have a multinational client-base that includes governments, international agencies, the corporate sector and educational institutions. We also provide strategic communication services for our clients on request.

We offer comprehensive analysis for, and support to governments, businesses and NGOs. SBM Intelligence runs a Nigeria-wide network of contacts and associates. Our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through careers in the public and private sector, as well as in the media.

Founded in 2012, SBM Intelligence, an arm of SB Morgen, is an organisation devoted to the collection and analysis of information, through the evaluation of public sources and via our own contacts and sources.

In 2015, SBM Intelligence became a partner to Stratfor, one of the leading private intelligence agencies in the world.



Growing impact of the Pastoral Conflict

Currently, large parts of the Middle Belt region in central Nigeria– a broad expanse of territory that roughly incorporates the ...
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The state of the Boko Haram insurgency

Sunday’s deadly suicide attack on a Sallah procession in Damboa, Borno State which claimed 31 lives underscores not only the ...
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Analysis – The gloves are off

Yesterday, a rare joint session of both houses of Nigeria’s National Assembly met and issued a series of resolutions that ...
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