09 Nov

What does President Trump mean for Nigeria?

2016 will go down as the year of the roll back. In Nigeria, we are going through our first recession in nearly two decades. Our colonisers, the United Kingdom, turned their backs on four decades of European Union membership, Turkey, a major Nigerian trading partner, has slowly started turning its back on the legacy of its founder, Kemal Atatürk, and the United States has turned its back on the world.

How will this affect Nigeria?

First, it will have a psychological

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08 Nov

A year in, how has Buhari’s cabinet fared?

The Buhari administration swept into office on the mantra of change and promised to hit the ground running. Critical to delivering on the mandate that was given to the government by Nigerians was the team the President would build. Hence, Nigerians waited with anticipation for President Buhari to announce his ministers after taking office.

After a five month wait, the ministers were finally announced and screened by the Senate in a highly publicised, and well-followed

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19 Oct

Nigeria is playing with fire, again

In a report published in August, it was shown that the Nigerian Army is overstretched in its involvement in internal security operations. As of the time of the report, troops were actively involved in 30 of the 36 states.

When this is situated within the context of the latent threat of a Boko Haram resurgence; the escalating situation in the Middle Belt; the continuing militant activity in the Niger Delta; the IPOB/Biafra movements which though not in open conflict

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04 Oct

The SBM homemaker’s guide #4 – We are being squeezed tighter

Consumer prices followed their turn-of-the-year increases which was reflected in the last SBM Intelligence report with a continued surge in the new survey period, which covered the months of June to August 2016, fuelled in large part by the following factors:

  • the increase in pump price of petrol from ₦87/Litre to ₦145/Litre, driving transportation costs up
  • the Central Bank of Nigeria abandoning a 16-month currency peg and authorising a managed float of the naira on June 20.

The upward march in consumer prices, which has continued almost unabated since 3Q 2015, has put a lot of pressure on Nigerians already grappling with other negative social factors as delayed (and in some cases

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29 Sep

Analysis – How does OPEC’s big announcement affect Nigeria?

Yesterday in Algeria, OPEC oil ministers arose from a meeting to announce a cut/freeze of 32.5-33 MBPD. The finer details and decisions about who gets to cut what and by how much will be made at their next meeting in Vienna on November 30. The world markets have already started reacting to this news.

How does this impact Nigeria?

Industry experts who spoke with SBM Intelligence all agree that it is good for Nigeria as it brings in more much needed foreign exchange to

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09 Sep

Nigeria at the Olympics – Where do we go from here?

Where do Nigeria’s problems lie?

There is no argument that sports administration and lack of funding are two of Nigeria’s biggest impediments to sports development. However, the problems are more than these.

Nigeria prefers to spend money on sports like football which is a crowd pleaser compared to the top nations which prefer to focus available funds on those sports that offer lots of medals. Team sports like football, hockey and basketball are expensive because

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30 Aug

Refugees in crisis – A look into the state of IDP camps

Globally, only eight countries host a higher number of displaced persons than Nigeria. The five-year Boko Haram insurgency has led to the creation of the worst humanitarian crisis to occur within Nigeria’s borders since the civil war. According to a 2015 report by the Internal Displaced Monitoring Centre and the Norwegian Refugee Council, Nigeria has 2,152,000 million persons displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency. The UN says 4.5 million people need food aid across

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23 Aug

Cashew, as an example of Nigeria’s unrealised potential in agriculture

For years Nigeria has been a classic case study for the resource curse. Despite being blessed with some of the world’s most arable land, the country has gone from being self-sufficient, to import dependent – food wise.

Following a lengthy period of economic growth, Nigeria has slipped into a recession on the back of low oil prices and production challenges. Once again, Nigerians are realising that agriculture is a sure path to future sustained prosperity.


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03 Aug

How can we salvage Nigeria’s deteriorating security situation?

The primary function of the Nigerian military as per the constitution of the country as well as global best practice is to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria and protect the country from foreign threats. In carrying out this mandate, the Nigerian military has done exceptionally well. Nigeria’s territory since independence has not been lost by military action of a foreign or domestic aggressor. In the recent case where Boko Haram claimed parts of Nigerian

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16 Jul

Coup attempt in Turkey – what lessons for Nigeria?

Yesterday there was a coup in Turkey, a nation that straddles Europe and Asia. After an initial period of confusion, it has become clear that the coup is failing.

Anatomy of the coup

At about 2300 local time (2000 WAT), reports filtered through that military jets were flying low over Ankara, Turkey’s capital, and the military headquarters was taken over, with the Chief of General Staff, Hulusi Akar taken hostage. Simultaneously, the two bridges that connect Europe

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