01 Aug

The SBM Jollof Index – Keep those belts tight please

The SBM Jollof index is a composite index that tracks the prices of the main ingredients used to prepare a pot of one of Nigeria’s primary delicacies – Jollof rice. This meal was chosen because it is a delicacy in every part of the country.

Over the last four months – from March 2018 to June 2018, the index has risen steadily, indicating a steady increase in food prices. By the end of June, the index has risen to the highest ever since we began tracking in................   read more

08 May

Islamic sects in Nigeria

On April 13 and 14, 2018, adherents of the Tijjaniyya order, a Sunni Islamic sect, who were celebrating Maulud, locked down the Central Area of Abuja and surrounding districts. Many people, especially in Southern Nigeria, expressed surprise as they were unaware that there are different sects in Islam in Nigeria, led by powerful clerics. Many of these same people are however aware of powerful pastors in Christianity. Both religions, dominant in Nigeria, have powerful,................   read more

30 Apr

Daily Watch – 17 states insolvent, Zenith becomes Nigeria’s biggest bank

  • The Economic Confidential has released its Annual States Viability Index which shows that 17 states are insolvent as their IGR in 2017 were far below 10 percent of their receipts from FAAC. Without the monthly disbursement from FAAC, many states remain unviable, and cannot survive without oil receipts. According to the report, the IGR of Lagos State of ₦333 billionn is higher than that of 30 States put together whose internal revenues are extremely low and
................   read more

27 Mar

The SBM Jollof Index – Prices are slowly getting friendlier

In July 2016, SBM Intelligence began to track the price movements of the ingredients Nigerians use to make a pot of nationally celebrated Nigerian Jollof Rice for the average Nigerian family which according to the National Bureau of Statistics, was six people. This meal was chosen because it is a delicacy in every part of the country.

The survey initially covered nine markets in four geopolitical zones. From June 2017, we included two markets in the South South as well,................   read more

19 Feb

Crise le long de la frontière entre le Nigeria et le Cameroun

On Saturday, 17 February, 2018, the AFP news service ran a report that separatist groups in Nigeria’s neighbour, the Republic of Cameroon, had declared war in their push for an independent country. This declaration, not by the official separatist group, is the result of growing frustration with what people in the region see as Yaounde’s attempts to wipe out their identity.

Until a few years ago, Cameroon seemed like an oasis of calm in a region buffeted................   read more

10 Jan

The Pastoral Conflict takes a deadlier turn

Hassana Abdullahu was three days old. She was killed at Shefaran village, Numan Local Government Area, Adamawa State on Tuesday, 21 November, 2017.

Shikaan Junior Kende was a year old. He was killed, alongside his father, Shikaan Senior, in Saghev, Guma Local Government Area, Benue State, on Tuesday, 2 January, 2018.

Hassana never knew that her ethnicity was Fulani. Shikaan Junior never knew that his ethnicity was Tiv. Neither had ever heard of Nigeria, but their parents................   read more

15 Dec

The year ahead – What can Nigeria expect in 2018?

2017 offered a ray of hope for Nigeria as the country exited a recession. However, the feeling remains that Nigeria failed to make good use of the opportunity presented by the economic recession. Our economy remains non-diversified and heavily reliant on oil To all intents, Nigeria has wasted the crisis.

In 2017, the Buhari Administration had a chance, with its second full year budget, to effect a change the budgeting process, and break a cycle which has kept the economy................   read more

30 Nov

The deepening Pastoral Conflict

The pastoral conflict, which we have talked about in previous reports, is expanding, and deepening. Many communities, Fulani and non-Fulani alike, are beginning to take matters into their own hands. In the final analysis, this conflict is not just a discussion about ethnicity or religion, it is a conversation about the sanctity of economic institutions like property rights. Nigeria cannot build a proper economy if basic property rights can be so casually violated as................   read more